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"As a firestorm ravages their hometown, three young-adults are drawn home to help an old friend, and

their families. The reunion reignites old inadequacies and trauma that still haunt them from adolescence. 

Four tumultuous, interconnected journeys of discovery confront each character work monumental

barriers to purpose and fulfillment - shame, guilt, regret - old flames and tormentors reignite suppressed 

conflicts surrounding morality and aspiration. 


A story of the revelatory years that follow adolescence. 


Before we find our place in the world, we must first define ourselves."


Burnt Out is a filmic series of images crafted out of a burgeoning feature-film script. Functioning in the canon of Unit Stills this series proposes a visual language and tone of the film - yet to be made.


Proof of concept, for a prospective feature film, through a vanguard of still imagery.

Through extraction of moments in a developing script, scenes has been envisioned to exemplify both profound moments, as well as key elements of character, place, and story.


Combining an ‘imagining-of’, with structural, visual intricacies.


Ultimately, a format to epitomise the visceral potential of the film.

The Full Project is available as an e-book,

to view follow the link below:

Script Written



Paige Joustra & Robert Miniter

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