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Joyful Learning Pre-School

"Beginning in 1993, children between ages two and five from the Indiranagar slum have come to the Joyful Learning Preschool six days a week, gaining an academic and social head start before starting primary school. Preschool starts daily with a walk through the slum to gather the children from their homes. During this time, teachers visit the families, directly observe their health situations, and inquire about any community updates."



The Goals of the Pre-School

  • To provide nutritious meals to children in Indiranagar slum during critical stages of growth

  • To prepare children for primary school

  • To provide a safe space for children to learn and develop so that older siblings are able to go back to school and parents back to work instead of staying home with the younger siblings and children

  • To provide health checkups and health information to preschool aged children and their families in Indiranagar slum


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