The Comprehensive Regional Health Project (CRHP)

In early December 2018 and February 2020, I traveled to Rural India, Jamkhed in the province of Maharastra, to witness medical professionals give themselves and their expertise to better the lives of those less fortunate. CRHP has been running in the area for 45 years, providing services such as the local Hospital, a pre-school for children from the local slums, educational projects, gender empowerment and entrepreneurial training for local women, the list goes on. Watching these professionals up close; from triage and consultancy, to operations, and following the post-op recovery; is amazing.

CHRP Mission:

“Health is a fundamental human right. Eliminating injustices which deny all people access to this right underlies the very essence of our work and our approach. Using the combined talents and energy of our staff and the families we work with, we strive to develop communities through a grassroots movement. By mobilizing and building the capacity of communities all can achieve access to health care and freedom from poverty, hunger and violence.

I have compiled a collection of images in the galleries in the drop-down menu's above. They cover aspects such as the surgeons and staff in Operations, triage, around the hospital, the preschool, and much more. 

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