A collection of photoshoots on-location using studio lighting and sets.

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“the state or process of rotting or decomposition.”
'The Yawn' 
A collection of friends showing off their best looks with some millennial exhaustion.
Warning: ⚠️ You may yawn viewing these (hopefully that's not because of the quality of the work.)
Models: Ethan Horton, Nyssa Mitchell, Aidan Smith, Brianna De Silva, Charlie Buxton-Leslie, Hugh Elliott.
(Surprise at the end of the Gallery)
This entire photoshoot happened after 'the yawn' above, None of it was planned, I don't know what it is but I really liked them. 
Models:  Aidan Smith, Hugh Elliott
High Key/Low Key Portraiture
Investigating the two starkly contrasted genres of portraiture.
Model: Inez Brookes.
Still Life
Working with inanimate objects to reflect form and bring out drama for product photography.
Model: Tongs, Drinking Glasses, Juice Box.