A collection of photoshoots on-location using both available light and strobes.  


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'Strange' - Alec's Laundrette
"Laundromat’s; they are strange for those of us who have just moved out of home and now lack a washing machine. A venue, once alien and unnecessary becomes a mis en scene of perchance, a space where the public and private meet. People doing personal things in an impersonal place. However, what I imagined to be a bland and uninteresting environment turns out to be a surreal little world. Stuck in a time loop with no real progression into the present, a relic of a time gone by that we still get to witness. It’s a place that offers us a glimpse into the ‘dirty laundry’ of people we have never met. "
Model: Ethan Horton
Mother's Day @ Melbourne Museum
Morning Tea hosted in the Tree-Tops Venue of Melbourne Museum
Mono-bloc Lighting
An assessment that was stretching out capacity to work with mono bloc lighting, On-Location. 
Model: Kevin Roe
(Surprise at the end of the Gallery)
Alternative Light Sources
Using alternative, sometimes available light sources to create dramatic imagery.
Models: Aidan Smith, Christopher Phillips